The Marwah Group

"Sometimes the best thing you can do in business is to find a private place"
Close the door gaze out the window and think:-
Every large organization starts with a dream, a foundation that's set to reality.
So in the year 1961, Mr. Krishanlal Marwah set up a business partnership with his two sons - Raj Marwah and Sushil Marwah for manufacturer of paper clips and paper pins.
Soon they diversified into another business and started another factory at Andheri - It was the manufacture of steel wires.
The year 1978 saw Marwah Group's first construction of the Marwah Complex.
Today, it is a bustling complex which houses several business houses, offices and showroom.
A decade later in 1988 Marwah House came into existence. This again is another business premises.
We welcome you to the 21st Century offices only the best in the industry will have a place here. This place is for winners and dreamers only an idea always lights up the business of communication. Marwah Centre brings the mountain to the Muhhameds of the world.

Krishanlal Marwah
Raj Marwah
Sushil Marwah
Nitin Marwah
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